Grapefruit and Mint Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

I’m writing this post bundled up in a duvet in front of the fire – winter has definitely arrived here in the UK! We missed out on the snow here this week, but have certainly had the sub zero temperatures. Yesterday I took the babies on the Santa train to the ‘North Pole’ – and I’m sure it was realistically chilly! (well, almost…!)

One of the less welcome ways I know that winter is here, is that my skin gets so dry. It’s the contrast of the cold winter weather and having the heating or the fire on indoors almost constantly, the skin loses moisture straight away. There are so many different remedies you can make for dry skin, but today I’m looking at exfoliation with this salt scrub made from amazing pink himalayan salt.

Himalayan Pink Salt

I’ve always loved using a salt scrub in the bath as part of a pampering treat, the ‘scrubbier’ the better! Exfoliating with salt removed dry, dead skin cells and encourages regeneration. Layers of dead skin cells can cause your skin to look more flaky and dry, especially in the winter, so using a salt scrub can help reveal the newer skin cells underneath, approving the look and feel of your skin, and also helping with circulation. Himalayan Pink Salt is said to be the purest salt in the world, contains an abundance of healthy minerals and can help soothe aching muscles.

I’ve also added grapefruit oil. Grapefruit is an uplifting oil in aromatherapy and can help make you feel more alert and refreshed – perfect for the deep midwinter! Grapefruit is also a great detoxifier, so works perfectly with the himalayan pink salt in this scrub.

I’ve also added some mint leaves – not only do these give a lovely uplifting fragrance along with the grapefruit – mint is also fantastic for the skin when applied topically. It helps to soothe dry skin, and is great for cracked heels.

The base of the scrub is coconut oil, which is also wonderful for the skin, being both antibacterial and very moisturising.

Salt Scrub Ingredients

You will need:

100g Coconut Oil 

180g Pink Himalayan Salt

A small handful of mint leaves

25 drops grapefruit essential oil 

A pyrex jug

A small saucepan half filled with water

A suitable container for your finished scrub (a clean and sterilised jam jar would be perfect!)

How to make grapefruit and mint salt scrub

First, weigh out 100g of coconut oil in your pyrex jug, then gently melt on the stove by placing the jug in your saucepan of water.

I used the coarse himalayan salt, which are large crystals, so while the coconut oil was melting I ground it up to a fine salt using my blender. Indigo Herbs also sell fine himalayan salt which you could purchase instead to save yourself this step!

Pour the salt into the coconut oil, and add a small handful of the mint leaves, then gently stir with a wooden skewer. This is a lovely meditative process – the idea is to keep stiring while the coconut oil solidifies so the salt and the mint are dispersed throughout it. As I made my scrub on a very cold day, the process took about half an hour, as I placed it on the cold kitchen windowsill in between stirs. If you’re making your scrub on a warmer day, you could also place it in the fridge for 5 minutes or so before taking it out and stirring again.

Add the grapefruit oil after about 15 minutes of stirring, before the oil has solidified.

When your scrub has nearly solidified, scoop it into your jar. I then gave it a few more stirs for good measure, and put it back on my cold windowsill to set.

Grapefruit and Mint Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

This scrub is perfect to use in the bath. Scoop out a small amount and rub into your skin before rinsing off, leaving your skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturised! Just a warning though, it will make your bath slippery because of the coconut oil, so do take care. Also, if you’re using this scrub in the summer months, be aware that grapefruit oil is photosensitive – meaning it increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. This probably won’t matter at all if you’re using the scrub as a treat for winter legs before they’re covered up with thick tights again as I am, but it’s always worth mentioning.

Grapefruit and Mint Salt Scrub

I hope you enjoy, and do let me know if you give this a try. This would be a perfect treat for the New Year – or maybe as an extra Christmas gift to go with the handmade aromatherapy bath melts I wrote about last month.

All of the ingredients for both of these projects are available from Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury. 

This is a collaborative post with Indigo Herbs

Grapefruit and Mint Himalayan Salt Scrub

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  1. Sabrina | 13th Dec 17

    Wow! this is interesting! this is really useful tips for everyone. Sometimes my skin get dry I just put lotion into it, but i knida like this one, I should probably apply this also. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tips!

  2. Our Family World | 13th Dec 17

    This looks like an amazing DIY salt scrub. I have not ventured out into making scrubs other than my own, which is coconut oil and brown sugar (which smells so delicious I get tempted to eat it. ahaha.) I will try making your salt scrub. I love the himalayan pink salt ingredient. I have read so many healthy benefits of using it.

  3. Vasundhra | 13th Dec 17

    I love DIY treatments and often make my own scrubs. The addition of mint is a great idea, this recipe sounds so refreshing!
    Vasundhra recently posted…The Right Order To Apply Skincare ProductsMy Profile

  4. Nayna Kanabar | 14th Dec 17

    I have never made bath products at home, this sounds easy enough to make and would make a great present.

  5. five little doves | 14th Dec 17

    Oh wow that sounds great!! I love how pretty Himalayan salt is, we only ever use the pink one. I am so going to make this!
    five little doves recently posted…Review: Philips Power Pro ExpertMy Profile

  6. Rose Sahetapy | 14th Dec 17

    I used to treat myself with traditional body scrub made out of tropical herbal and roots. The fragrance was amazing, so does the beneficial of the mask. Now that I read this it’s inspired me to make my own traditional scrub and to try your scrub recipe. Thank you!
    Rose Sahetapy recently posted…Indonesian sweet pumpkin soup, Kolak LabuMy Profile

  7. eliza | 16th Dec 17

    Wow! the appearance doesn’t just look beautiful but also seems interesting. To be honest I haven’t use this pink salt before but I do love peppermint as always. I hope I can get one of those salt and do this regime, so I can try it.
    eliza recently posted…Petit St Vincent – The Caribbean’s Secret Island ParadiseMy Profile

  8. Chels Elizabeth | 16th Dec 17

    I love scrubs. They always leave my skin feeling amazing. Great if you apply false tan too, gives you a much more flawless finish and easier application

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