The cost of natural living

We all aim to live better, more eco-friendly lives. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves and their family? As well as being better for the world as a whole, lifestyles like these are the healthiest you can imagine.

Of course, our goals in this area vary. Some of us wish we could go vegan. Others wish to switch to more sustainable electricity sources. The list goes on. But, one thing which stops many from pursuing these goals is the imagined cost. For various reasons, many of us believe that ‘natural living’ will be more expensive,

In truth, though, there’s no reason natural living has to cost more. In fact, it actually stands to save you money if you do things right. Sure, natural lifestyles are all the rage at the moment. And, like with anything popular, that means prices have gone up. A shop in a wholefoods store, for instance, is sure to cost you a fortune. But, there’s no need to pay those prices when you can get the same stuff elsewhere. Even if you do stock up on some things in your wholefood store, the costs may not be as extreme as you first thought.

Admittedly, the start-up costs of lifestyles like these can be substantial. Going vegan may mean splashing out on pricey store cupboard staples. But, these are often ingredients which will keep you going for months. And, when you consider how much you already spend on meat, the expense won’t seem half as bad. It’s also no secret that installing solar panels costs a fair amount. But, the cost they’ll save you on your electricity bills will make these worth your while. So, don’t be afraid to look into micro loans to cover that initial cost. Though it may not seem ideal now, it’s a move you’ll thank yourself for down the line. Remember, too, that getting started with anything is costly. A new boiler, for instance, would cost just as much.

Bear in mind, too, that the joy of natural living is how many handmade products you can fall back on. There are expensive options in the shops, but a little research will show that you can make most things yourself. Why invest in overpriced vegan moisturiser, when you can make your own for less than half that price? Why splash out on soy candles when you can stock up on the ingredients and have your own supply?


The same can be said for food, of course. Why spend a fortune on organic veg when you can grow your own? Those on a vegan diet don’t even have to splash out on cheese alternatives and such. There are recipes out there for most of the store-bought options here. You can even make cheese with cashew nuts if you fancy!

So, you see; a natural life is as affordable as you want it to be. All you need to do is work around the expensive options, and find alternative ways to the life you want.

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